About Us

About Us

BEST Drum Pulper

                                     The BEST Drum Pulper from China! Bar none!


NMFC is located in one of China’s most beautiful provinces, Guangxi.   Tens of millions of flock to Guangxi annually to enjoy of its sun, oceans, traditional ethnic cultures and many international sporting events.  If you’re a big Futbol fan, The Wanda Corporation (of China’s largest conglomerates) will bring its first International soccer tournament to this province, as well.

The factories we work with are conveniently reached from our centralized location.  For the most part, Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport, the most convenient hub to reach us.

Since 2010, we have traveled to China visiting the manufacturing sectors that cater to our industry, exploring what viable options “truly” exist here.   What we have found were a myriad of middle-men, inexperienced, companies’ incapable of assuring delivery of machinery at “consistent” standards.

Online services like Baidu, Alibaba, Google and others, make it even more challenging in discerning who’s truly capable from those that are simply paying for a 3rd party online storefront from which to hook you!

Yes, you will find equipment this way but you are never assured that the person you are interacting with, halfway around the globe, has the knowledge, technical know-how and or, familiarity about what they have offered.    Then, you are faced with numerous others issues, too unpleasantto mention, even here.

Vic Rosa in front of Huidong Bldg, Site of NMFC

Vic Rosa in front of Huidong Bldg, Site of NMFC

Well, rest easy!   Victor Rosa, has a 20+ years background buying and selling used machinery at large and is well known in our industry.   He now resides in China and helms NMFC, in partnership with one of China’s leading Engineering firms (Valtec Engineering Services Ltd).   Together, NMFC, works to ensure that only the best fabricators are solicited and we vet every piece of equipment to match your technical specifications.  100%.   In fact, each sale is warranted against the purchase meeting your exact, technical requirements.

Our services are covered by the selling party who pay us a small commission for the referrals and with your authority, we deal directly with these manufacturers in negotiating the best, possible, deal and further assist in its direct procurement.  We will even provide multiple pre-to-post fabrication Quality Assurance Services (QC), apprising you of status periodically.  Saving you thousands ofdollars the expense of having personnel present on site to do so.


                                                         NMFC OFFICE STAFF

For over two decades, Vic Rosa has been a trusted name in the process equipment industry and is recognized as one of the top used equipment sales engineers.  His dedication and commitment in providing outstanding service has earned him an excellent reputation which sustains him today.  He will put your interest and needs before profit, earning your continued, long term patronage.

Free yourself of the stigma of buying quality new machinery from China.  Many factories have now matured to the point where it meets “acceptable” to “excellent”, technical standards.

NMFC helps you bypass the cultural and language barriers and installs a presence that is looking out for your interests first.  NMFC delivers a no-nonsense, no-drama approach to your new machinery purchases where most acquisitions fall at or below what you would pay on the used market.  Better, even still, the fact that most delivery occurs from 35 to 180 days, depending on the scope of supply.  Thanks for checking us out online and we look forward to an opportunity to serve you at NMFC!



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