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Volume: 120L
Structure: Dutch type
Model: TD6-120
Beating capacity:
Max.3.5kg (7.7lb) dry fiber
Flying cutter roller: φ400x400mm
Linear speed: 7-8m/s
Number of bottom blade: 9 pcs
Thickness of bottom blade: 6mm
Power supply: 4kW, 440V/60HZ
Outer dimension: 1700x1350x1200mm
Net weight: 800kg
Material: Stock tank, roll, blade are made of stainless steel.
Scope of Supply: Stock tank, flying cutting roll, support bar for bottom blade, motor, motor base, frame, cover, valves.







GB/T 458 《Paper and board-Determination of Air Permeance Test method》

  • Specification
  1. Measuring range:(0–1000) ml/min or 0–17 µm/(Pa·s)
  2. Measuring proportion:(10±0.02) cm²
  3. Measuring area pressure deviation:(1±0.01)kPa
  4. Measuring precision: 1ml(<100ml); 5ml(>100ml)
  5. Inner diameter of clamping ring:35.68±0.05 mm
  6. Vertical concentricity of center hole of upper and lower clamping rings:﹤0.05 mm



PN-TT300 type computer vertical tensile tester is a new type of test developed by our company according to the specification of ISO and National standard. With mechanical and electrical integration configuration, the instrument is well-designed using modern mechanical design theory, human engineering design criteria and advanced double CPU micro computer processing technology. It is a new generation of tester with innovative design, convenient using, excellent performance and pleasing appearance.

  1. Tensile force, tensile strength, fracture length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index of paper
  2. Tensile force, tensile strength, peel strength and elongation of foil and aluminium polymer tape
  3. Tensile strength, elongation and tensile modulus of elasticity of plastic membrane
  4. Heat-sealing strength, tensile strength and peel strength of food packing bags
  5. Adhesive strength, edge strength, tensile strength and elongation of sanitary napkins
  6. Peel strength and tensile strength of pressure sensitive adhesive tape
  7. Fracture strength and elongation of synthetic fiber
  8. Easy slide degree of pulling chain.


Paper, Newsprint, Cartons board, Packaging Papers, Liner, Medium, Foils, Low elongation films, and Plastic film


GB/T 12914 《Paper and board-Determination of tensile properties-Constant rate of elongation-Constant rate of elongation method》

ISO 1924-2 《Paper and board — Determination of tensile properties — Part 2: Constant rate of elongation method》

TAPPI T494   《Tensile properties of paper and paperboard(using constant rate of elongation apparatus)》

  • Features
  1. Vertical structure with selectable velocity between 1~500mm/min
  2. Large tensile running distance. It can elongate for 350 mm .
  3. High speed return after testing, which can improve the test efficiency.(The return velocity can be set by user.)
  4. Imported step motor with servo control adopted, which can locate precisely. (The interval of clamping heads can be set by user, which has high precision.)
  5. The test result can be measured, statistical and printed automatically and the data can be saved.
  6. Blue color LCD display, which can be display the tensile time and loading force real time, as well as tensile graph.
  7. PN-TT300-PC mode has new PC software able to manage and analyze the data communicating with PC.
  8. Thermal printer, high speed and no noise.
  9. Use the modern design idea of mechanical and electrical integration, which has compact configuration, pleasing appearance and convenient maintenance.
  • Specification
  1. Power supply: AC220V±10%  2A  50Hz
  2. Indicator error: ±1%
  3. Resolution: 0.1 N(30N is 0.01N);
  4. Measuring range:(3 ~ 30)N/(1 ~ 100)N/(3 ~ 300)N/(5 ~ 500)N;
  5. Error of deformation:≤ ±1 mm;
  6. Max distance:(20 ~ 350)mm;
  7. Test speed:(20 ±  1 ) mm/min((1~500)mm/min );
  8. Return speed:(5 ~ 500) mm/min;
  9. Display: LCD Screen and English menu.
  10. Printer: Thermal printer
  11. Data output: RS232(Standard) / USB(Optional);
  12. Work environment: Temp(20 ±  10 )°C; humidity < 85%;
  13. Dimension: (495 × 355 × 925 ) mm(L×W×H);
  14. Net weight: About 53kg。



PN-CAC125 is a necessary sampler of absorption test,it can cut a sample of provides area quickly and accurately,it is an ideal test apparatus of the corrugated board and carton production, research and quality supervision, inspection and other departments.

PN-CAC125 is stamping type, easy to use, beautiful, applied research and enterprises and institutions.

PN-WG4 is a rotary type, economical, suitable for short fiber thinner paper sampling and is not commonly used.


GB/T 1671 《General technical specification of special punching apparatus in paper and cardboard physical properties test》


  1. Sampling size:φ125mm
  2. Sampling error: ±0.2mm
  3. Sampling thickness: (0.1~0)mm
  4. Work environment: Room temp(20 ±  10 )°C humidity < 85%
  5. Dimension:(310×250×400)mm (Φ170×130)mm
  6. Net weight: About 26.5 kg ,1.5kg




PN-BSM160 Type Busting Tester is available to test a variety of paper. These models can also be fitted with a device to measure the deflection of the sample prior to burst.

PN-BSM160 Bursting Strength Tester has abundant functions, such as, parameter testing, parametric transformation, parameter adjusting, parameter memory and parameter print. All are in accordance with related national standards. PN-BSM160 Bursting Strength Tester has data processing function which can directly output result of data statistics with convenient operation, easy regulation and stable performance


It is applicable to paper having bursting strengths within the range 70kPa to 1400kPa. It is not intended to be used for the components (such as fluting medium or linerboard) of a combined board, for which the method given in ISO 2759 is more suitable.


A test piece placed over a circular elastic diaphragm, it is rigidly clamped at the periphery but free to bulge with the diaphragm. Hydraulic fluid is pumped at a constant rate, and bulged the diaphragm until the test piece ruptures. The bursting strength of the test piece is the maximum value of the applied hydraulic pressure.


GB/T454                 《Paper-Determination of bursting strength》

ISO2758                 《Paper-Determination of bursting strength》

TAPPI T403    《Bursting strength of paper》


  1. No sample prompts function.
  2. Overrange alarm function.
  3. Adopt ARM processor, high speed.
  4. Using 24 precision AD converter (resolution up to 1 / 10,000,000) and high precision weighing sensor ,high accuracy.
  5. Real-time display force value and deformation
  6. Built-in printer
  7. Unit switch among kPa、kgf/cm2、lbf/in2
  8. Language switch between Chinese and English.
  9. PC Software to transfer data to Excel.
  • Specification
  1. Power supply: AC220V±10%  2A  50Hz;
  2. Error of indication: ±0.5%;
  3. Resolution: 1 kPa;
  4. Measuring range: (70 ~ 1400)kPa;
  5. Pumping rate: (95±5)mL/min
  6. Clamping force: ≤1200 kPa(Adjustable)
  7. Air compressor: Rated pressure(6~0.7)MPa Exhaust volume(0.02~0.3)m3/min(No standard)
  8. Diaphagm: Bulge height(9±0.2)mm, pressure range(30±5)kPa
  9. System sealing: Within 1min pressure drop<10%FS
  10. Display: 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD
  11. Printer: Thermal printer
  12. Data Output:: RS232(Standard) / USB(Optional)
  13. Working condition: Indoor temp.(20 ±  10 )°C  relative humidity < 85%
  14. Dimension: (535 × 365 × 585) mm(L×W×H)
  15. Net Weight: About 68 kg



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