Disc Heat Disperser

Equipment Category: Pulp Mill Equipment

Disc Heat Disperser+    Nominal diameter: 450-1050 mm
+    Pulp inflow consistency: 28-32 %
+    Pulp outflow consistency: 4-30 %
+    Treating temperature: 110-120 (AOCC) / 80-90 (0N)
+    Capacity: 30-600

  • Heat DisperserNominal diameter: 500-900mm
  • Pulp consistency:over  28 %
  • Treating temperature: 90-110
  • Capacity: 30-320

KneadersThe device is used for producing high strength paper with various raw materials such as straw, bulrush, cotton stem, poplar and haulm. The equipment combines bleaching, washing and pulping functions, simplifies the pulping process and can accomplish low energy consumption and cleanly pulping.

+    Pulp consistency: Above 25 %
+    Distance of two screw: 120-220
+    Capacity: 15-70 t/d
+    Power: 160-400

Ellipse-Voith-Style-Deink-CIt is used in paper making industry. It is according to the Flotation principle to get rid of the dust, ink particles of the pulper, then obtain high quality pulper.


The range of oil and ink separation is wider and the fibE wastage quantity is very small. All the flotation tanks use the same liquid level control loop, which make the control easier and reliable. The capacity is big and it occupies small area. It can be flatwise or stack up.