Twin Roll High Speed Washer (1000MM)

Equipment Category: Washers

High Speed Twin Roll Washer (1000mm) Data Sheet
Applications It’s used for washing and thickening in waste paper pulp processing
Working Width (mm) 1000 mm
Inlet Consistency (%)   0.8-1.5%
Outlet Consistency (%)   8-15%
Capacity  20-30 Ton/day(Chinese Waste Book Paper)
30-40 Ton/day(American Waste Paper #37)
Ash Removal (%)   ≥90%
Moving Blade Pressure    0.6 MPa
High Pressure Moving Water Spray   2.0 Mpa
High Pressure Moving Water Spray Flux 14L/min
Low Pressure Fixed Spray Water   0.6 Mpa
Low Pressure Fixed Spray Water Flux  15L/min
Low Pressure Fan-shaped Wash 0.6 Mpa
Low Pressure Fan-shaped Wash Flux 25L/min
Stock Inlet Dg200
Stock Outlet   380*390
White Water Outlet   400*260
High Pressure Moving Tank Inlet   Dg20(ZG 3/4″)
Low Pressure Fixed Spray Water Inlet  Dg32(G1 1/4″)
Low Pressure Fan-shaped Wash Inlet  Dg32(G1 1/4″)
Flush water outlet   Dg65
Motor   YVP200L-4    30 KW (Main Motor)
Y132S-4   5.5KW  (Screw Conveying)
0.37KW (Moving Water Spray)
Size     4620*2700*2080mm
Weight    4950kg



DNT Style Washer

high speed washer-0003

High-Speed-WashersThe equipment is used for washing the deinking pulp in waste paper processing system.
+ Inflow consistency: 0.8-1.5%
+ Outflow consistency: 10-15%
+ Capacity: 30-150 t/d
+ Power: 30-55kw