50TPD Crescent Former Tissue Machine & Stock Preparation

Equipment Category: Tissue




Stock Preparation: 

  • Slat feeding conveyor & roller feeder
  • Pulper FSV20
  • High consistency cleaner HiCC250-3, NBKP line
  • High consistency cleaner HiCC300-3, LBKP line
  • TwinFlow double disc refiner TFR22, NBKP line
  • Opti double disc refiner DDR2-500, LBKP line
  • Agitators
  • Stock pumps

Approach Flow System: 

  • Headbox screen VPS3-2.6HB
  • Vibrating screen VVS-2
  • Fan pump

Tissue Machine Key Parts of Italian Make:

  • Hydraulic headbox (Designed for 1200mpm, 50 tpd)
  • Suction press roll (Designed for 1200mpm, 880mm )

Tissue Machine Parts of Chinese Make:

  • Crescent former section
  • Felt conditioning and felt rolls
  • Press section
  • Yankee dryer section (Incl. 01 No. of 12 feet steel Yankee)
  • Creping and skinning doctors
  • Pope reel (Including 10 Nos. of reel spools)
  • High efficiency hood
  • Mechanical drive (Couplings, cardan shaft and gearboxes)
  • Electric drive (SIEMENS PLC S7-300, ABB inverters ACS880)
  • Walkway and ladders
  • Frames and soleplates

Auxiliary Equipments for Tissue Machine:

  • Oil lubrication system
  • Steam and condensate system
  • Air recirculation system
  • Blower & ID fan
  • Vacuum pumps and air-water separator (Mild steel)
  • Chemicals preparation system

Combine winder (750m/min)

Combine winder (400m/min)

Blade sharpening machine

Film wrapping machine


Main Data:

Max. operating speed 1200 m/min
Mechanical design speed 1200 m/min
Dynamic balancing speed 1300 m/min
Headbox pond width 2950 mm
Wire width 3100 mm
Felt width 3150 mm
Sheet width on Yankee 2900 mm
Sheet width on Pope Reel 2850 mm
Reel trimmed width 2800 mm
Parent roll diameter, max. 2500 mm
Sole plate center 3800 mm
Machine drive Variable speed control, sectional drive
Hand of machine When  standing  at  the  headbox  and  looking  towards  the reel, the drive side is on the left / right side.



Production data:

Paper grades Tissue paper (Facial, toilet, napkins)
Furnish /Raw materials 40% NBKP* Pulp, 60% LBKP* Pulp
Basis weight range 13 – 30 g/m2 (on Reel)
Dryness at reel 94 %
Crepe ratio 10 – 25 %
Shrinkage on Yankee 0.5 – 1.0 %
Gross production 56.6 tons/day (@ 15 gsm, 2850 mm reel width, 1150 mpm Yankee speed, 24 hr/day, 100% efficiency, 20% crepe)
Net production 50.9 tons/day (@ 15 gsm, 2850 mm reel width, 1150 mpm Yankee speed, 24 hr/day, 90% efficiency, 20% crepe)



Cast-Iron-Yankee-DryersYankee dryer is a pressure vessel used in the production of tissue paper. Yankee dryers are primarily used to remove excess moisture from pulp that is about to be converted into paper.

Design pressure Material Hardness
0.3-0.8MPa HT2500 – HT300 HB190 – HB240
Face Length Operating Speed Roughness
1450-5500mm 200 – 600 m/min 0. ~ 0.2 μ
Wall Thickness Ingredient Structural Style
Consult Alloy dryer or normal 3 parts or 5 parts
  • Basic-Tissue-MachinePaper grade: Tissue paper
  • Basic weight: 13-30 g/m2
  • Diameter of dryer:1450-2700 mm
  • Design speed:280 m/min
  • Working speed: 160-250 m/min
  • Maximum capacity:10 tpd
  • Bearing center: 1900-3400 mm